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The Service Provider's Marketing Plan

The Service Provider's Marketing Plan

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As a service provider, keeping your pipeline full of ready-to-buy clients is the key to a sustainable business. In the first 7 years of my business, I was a service provider, so I know the pain of not having a steady flow of clients, as well as the sheer relief of knowing where your next client will come from. Whether you’re a graphic designer, copywriter, virtual assistant, OBM, or other service provider, you need a marketing plan.

Instead of wishing and hoping the next client will magically appear (wouldn’t that be nice), get a plan that’s proven to work for service providers. 

In this plan, you’ll learn:

  • Where to find qualified clients who accept your pricing with a smile (instead of asking for a discount)...
  • What questions to ask on the initial call (or on your application form) to make sure you're not walking into a red-tape scenario (AKA a HUGE headache and waste of your time)...
  • How to implement the exact lead generation strategy I used when I was operating my fully-booked Facebook ads and sales funnel design agency…

Ready to end the feast or famine cycle? Add the Service Provider’s Marketing Plan to your cart and start filling your sales pipeline today.

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